Our Approach  

TekPower Energie works with customers  using a number of approaches, including;

Energy Management

  • Utility consumption and Green House Gas (GHG) emission analyses.
  • Energy audits: Our experienced personnel implement in-house energy management studies to identify viable energy-saving measures that are guaranteed to save our clients time and money. We stand out among our peers; providing support throughout the implementation stages of the project.
  • Evaluation of energy management studies: Experience has shown that not all proposed energy conservation and efficiency measures are viable. TekPower Energie is better placed to peer review and evaluate the viability of energy measures proposed by other firms to our clientele.

Power Generation and Distribution

  • Economic appraisals and reviews of power generation and distribution systems
  • Environmental impact assessments of Power Generation and Distribution systems
  • Life-Cycle cost analysis of power generation and distribution systems

Water Distribution Systems

  • Community participation in the development of water distribution systems
  • Technology transfer and training of local community in operating and managing water distribution systems