Clientele and Projects

TekPower’s in-house experience in energy efficiency and management ensure that an optimized power plant configuration is chosen to satisfy your business requirements; Improving your bottom-line and competitive edge, while also contributing towards the reduction of Green House Gas emissions.

At TekPower Energie we are committed to the development of financial viable and sustainable energy initiatives in the following areas:

  • Hybrid Energy Storage Power Plants:  On-Site generation of  electricity from solar photovoltaic panels, to offset utility costs and reduce Green House Gas emissions. Including,  development of customer specific battery energy storage systems, for peak load shaving and demand management. 
  • Hybrid Combined Heat & Power Plants:  Great application for providing  affordable energy to remote rural communities and industrial set ups.  The hybrid power plants topology integrates solar photovoltaic technology and internal combustion thermal power plants, to supply heating and electricity requirements for your facilities. 
  • Mini-Grid Power Plants:  An excellent, economically and  sustainable solution for providing electricity to remote locations and communities. This topology integrates solar photovoltaic technology and diesel or natural gas power plant, with battery energy storage systems to generate electricity and thermal energy for district heating or absorption cooling. 
  • Solar Photovoltaic Technology: These includes development of customer specific large Solar Photo-voltaic (PV) Power generation plants – also known as Solar Farms. Ranging in capacity from 100 kWp to 100 MWp.